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Instagram Brothers Quiz: see how to play

The Brothers Quiz is another game created by Instagram sensation Nathlia Diniz. THE influence responsible for other filters with games that went viral in the stories. Among them, the popular Couple Quiz, Game of Questions and 1 Word 1 Music.

Check out how to find and do the Irmo Quiz in your Instagram stories below. AppGeek also shows how to find other questions games to have fun on the social network.

How to do the Instagram Brothers Quiz

1. From your Android or iPhone phone, go to the Brothers Game filter page and choose Open on Instagram;

quiz dos irmos instagram

2. The Brothers Quiz will then be opened in your stories. Invite your brother (s) to participate;

  • If you want to keep the filter saved in your Instagram account, then tap on the icon with a down arrow. Thus, the game will always be available when opening the story camera, ideal for those who want to use it several times.

3. The game itself is fun, but it gets even more if it is shared. So do not forget to record the video. To do this, touch the circle located in the center of the screen and keep it pressed. Release the button only when you want to end the shooting;

4. As a film button, press and hold the screen to draw the questions. Tap again to stop at a question. There are topics like What they like most about each other, Who the most cry, Who taller, among others;

  • If later, you want to answer other questions, just tap the screen to draw and tap again to stop. Repeat the process as many times as you like.

5. When finished, release the recording button;

6. Then, make the edits you want on the video. If you want, include text, hand drawings, stickers, GIFs or any other resource available in Instagram stories;

7. Share the video on Your story.

How to find prank filters on Instagram

Instagram has several filters, developed by the social network itself or by users of the platform. There are beautification options, with effects for photos, which insert spots or piercings and, of course, the famous quiz games.

For now, the Effects Gallery does not yet have a search engine. Therefore, to find a specific one, you need to explore the filter library or steal from someone you have used.

Another option is to visit the profiles of influencers known for creating filters and doing the same process that we teach to find the Brothers Quiz. Among them are: @felipezimmermann, @ igor.zhurba, @vitulox, @anonamister and itself @nathaliardiniz.

1. Open the Instagram app and look at the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left of the screen;

Brothers Quiz

2. In the search bar, type the @ of the creator you want to access and, when it appears in the result, tap on the name;

3. On the profile page, go to the icon of a face, located above the feed, to access the filters created by it;

4. Scroll the screen until you find the filter you want to use. Tap on it to open;

5. To use, go to To experiment to play only once. Or tap the down arrow icon to save and find it easily in your stories.

Then just publish your stories as you usually do.

Can I create my own Instagram filter?

Instagram filtersReproduction / Instagram

The answer is yes. In fact, most of the filters available in Instagram stories created by users of the network. However, this does not mean that the process is fast.

To make the filter, you need to download the Spark AR Studio program, available for Mac OS and Windows. It is possible to produce effects with face distortion, particle and light simulation, masks, movement tracking, among others.

The program's website, developed by Facebook, has tutorials that explain how to use and create different filters and effects. Then, it's time to submit the final product for approval on the Spark AR Hub website.

To do this, you need to log in to an Instagram or Facebook account and decide which platform you want to post to. The filter will be available for testing for an hour. The objective that corrects possible errors or failures before it is evaluated.

Approval or not informed in a period ranging from one business day to one week.

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