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iMazing 2.5 inherits iTunes function and now lets you manage iOS apps on Mac

With the arrival of iTunes 12.7, something important has changed in the way we manage applications purchased from the App Store and install them on our respective iPhones, iPads and iPods touch. That's because in a move that most likely aimed to make iTunes less cluttered and lighter as a whole, Apple decided to remove the iOS App Store access from the software, consequently limiting the possibility of installing / deleting apps on iGadgets, as well as updating them using macOS.

As many people complained, Apple was forced to launch a special version of iTunes that still allows users to use the App Store. According to the company, certain business partners may still need to use iTunes to install applications, but the fact is that anyone can download and use this version. the ideal solution? Of course not, after all you will be stuck forever in iTunes 12.6.3 if you want to have access to the App Store and its respective applications. what comes in iMazing 2.5.

iMazing 2.5 for macOS

We already talked about this interesting software for macOS and its mini version, but now, in this new version, it is also possible to manage apps from the App Store. In addition, according to them, iMazing is the only software currently (with the exception of this special version of iTunes) to allow users to download apps from the App Store and manage them from Ma's desktop operating system.

iMazing 2.5 for macOS

In fact, you do not have access to the App Store itself, but to the apps you have already purchased in the store. IMazing prompts you to login with your Apple ID and, in this way, access your list of purchased apps. Then, just connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer and click on the ?Manage apps? button in the action list to access the new feature.

iMazing 2.5 for macOS

With iMazing 2.5 you can download apps to your computer, install or delete apps on your devices, import IPAs (a binary extension available on the App Store) that you may have downloaded with iTunes, export and install an app like an IPA linked to the Apple ID in question, back up and restore application data in .imazingapp format, filter applications by your Apple ID and more.

Whether to save broadband (for those with multiple devices), time (since it?s easier to install / delete apps via the list presented by iMazing), space (you can download the app for macOS and install on your device only when you want / need a simple and easy way) or any other reason, it's a great request!

Version 2.5 of the software, for now, is only available for macOS and the corresponding version for Windows will be released soon.