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Glitch in Call of Duty Modern Warfare lets you shoot forever

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A bizarre glitch was recently discovered in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which could even unbalance a battle. The bug allows you to shoot shotguns infinitely, without spending ammo.

Modern Warfare, since its launch in 2019, has been presenting several serious bugs. It ranges from killer chairs to players shooting through walls. The last critical flaw was using the shotgun 680, which allows the player to shoot without stopping without spending ammo. User 'Dinjur' on Reddit reported that he was in a training camp with the gun in particular, he came across the glitch.

"When you equip the model with slug rounds, the reload animation becomes very strange, you can only reload one at a time"

According to the account, the animation would be cut off with each bullet that was placed in the weapon. It was explained that if pressing the reload button immediately after unloading the comb, the problem would resolve, however, it would require doing this manually every time, which would be inconvenient.

"However, this is not the worst part of this failure. If you empty the comb, you will be trapped in an endless reload animation."

Even if you change your weapon and go back to the shotgun, the reload animation would repeat instantly.

The bug allows the player to continuously fire the weapon and it is literally possible to hit as many enemies as you want without having to pick up more ammo. There is currently no forecast for the correction of the failure, but it is likely that it is already underway. Check out the video below:

Game Breaking Model 680 Reload Glitch (Infinite Ammo) from r / modernwarfare

Anyway, be careful when you see a shotgun 680 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, as you can try to exploit this bug.

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