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Fuchsia OS, new operating system on which Google is working, gains support for Apple's Swift language

Little is known about it yet, but Fuchsia OS the current name of a new operating system on which Google is working.

And, according to the Android Police, he recently gained initial language support Swift, from Apple but also works with Dart, created by Google itself, as well as the standard languages ??C, C ++ and Go.

The first indication that something like this could happen actually came in April 2016, when a rumor indicated that Google would be considering adopting Swift as the primary language of Android. This did not materialize, but this is why this conversation started at that time.

Another irony: Chris Lattner, considered one of Swift's ?parents?, left Apple in January 2017 and went to work at Tesla. It didn't last even six months there and, you see, today he's working for Google.

Obviously, one of the main benefits of Fuchsia supporting Swift will be the ease that iOS / macOS / watchOS / tvOS app developers will have to port them to the new system.

For now, it is unknown when Fuchsia will be launched.

via The Verge