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Former Apple image engineer launches powerful RAW Power photo editor for iOS

If you are familiar with the world of photography, you know that the most ?appropriate? way to capture images raw format (RAW). ?Appropriate? in the sense that it preserves all the details captured by the machine's sensor, without further processing as happens, for example, with JPEG or PNG. In this way, the photographer can manually manipulate all the details of the image later using the right tool with a much greater level of control.

Since iOS 10, Apple has enabled raw image capture on its latest devices; those who want to edit the photos themselves iTrecoshowever, there will be few options available. Now, a very interesting App Store is coming and it?s called, appropriately, RAW Power.

RAW Power app icon

The iPhone and iPad app is a creation of Gentleman Coders, developer of former Apple senior engineering director Nik Bhatt, who coordinated the development of software such as Aperture and iPhoto. The good relationship with the Apple ecosystem is present in all aspects of the app, such as deep integration with the iCloud Photo Library and the interface, which resembles a professional and more refined version of Fotos.

Within RAW Power, you can find basically all the adjustment tools that photographers and professionals are used to finding in software such as Aperture or Lightroom, many of them, of course, with a slightly lower level of control or less possibilities due to the the mobile nature of the application itself, but still with a power rarely seen on mobile devices. In one of the coolest features, called Depth Effect, you can take advantage of the Portrait Mode photos captured on iOS 11 on iPhones 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X.

All edits made in the app are saved in real time to your iCloud Photo Library, which makes the app even more like a native of the system. Incidentally, if there is any criticism to be made here, that he only takes photos from his Ma cloud library if you want to edit something that is not there, it will be necessary to upload it first.

RAW Power is compatible with iOS 11 and the following devices: iPhone 6s and higher, iPad Air 2 and higher, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4. It is available for free on the App Store, but all its features are only released with one In-App Purchase of $ 10.

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RAW Power app icon

Ah, good to remember that there is also the version for macOS, released a few months ago and which has the same features, it costs $ 15.