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Find out how much it costs to manufacture the Xiaomi Mi 10

Find out how much it costs to manufacture the Xiaomi Mi 10

Recently, Xiaomi announced the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. They have not yet been launched globally, but the company's fans around the world have created some indignation about the price increase, given that these models are only about $ 140 (R $ 630) more expensive than its predecessors.

In China, the basic variant of the Mi 10 sells for $ 573 (R $ 2,580), while the more powerful version costs $ 673 (R $ 3,030). According to Xiaomi, these prices were set properly, after all, many improvements were implemented, something that requires better parts and, consequently, raises the final cost of the device.

Seeking to understand how much the company spends on manufacturing the Mi 10 with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, the portal Techinsights decided to calculate the estimated cost of the components. Usually, this type of "analysis" done on Samsung and Apple devices, but due to the increase in prices of the Mi 10, the site decided to find out more details regarding the value of the parts shipped.

In the end, it was possible to verify that the cost of manufacturing the Mi 10 was US $ 440 (R $ 1,981). In terms of comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512GB of storage costs $ 490 (R $ 2,206) to manufacture, but in the United States it sells for $ 1,184 (R $ 5,331).

Anyway, it is worth remembering that expenses with R&D, taxes and other expenses were not calculated. Therefore, we cannot think that, selling the Mi 10 for US $ 670, Xiaomi makes a profit of US $ 230, given that this value must be much lower.


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