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Filmmaker makes beautiful underwater short film with iPhone X totally unprotected

Apple has never advertised its iPhones as waterproof devices, as Samsung does with its devices, for example, which is perfectly understandable: while Ma devices since the iPhone 7 are IP67 certified (which corresponds to a basic resistance to brief submerses), those of the South Korean have an IP68 seal (which resists deeper and longer dives).

Still, some users take the liberty of taking their iPhones on water trips without worrying about tomorrow, and in some cases, even works of art can emerge from these experiences.

A great example of this is the short film "Spltch", amateur filmmaker Frederic van Strydonck. The two-and-a-half-minute film consists only of a series of sub and over-water shots taken together with clever editing tricks; all of them were filmed only with a bare iPhone X, no waterproof case was involved in the equation using the FiLMiC Pro app.

In addition to being an indisputable testament to the water resistance of the device, the short film is still an irresistible advertisement of the capabilities of its camera, of course, even though the footage has been highly edited, I cannot deny that the result was excellent mainly due to the talent of van Strydonck and the imaginary competence of the iPhone X.

The short, according to its creator, is nothing more than an experiment. as he explained to the website PetaPixel:

I recently wanted to know how an iPhone would do filming underwater. The series of tests gradually became this strange experimental short.

Beautiful, very beautiful. If you want to follow in the footsteps of van Strydonck, just keep in mind that Apple does not cover liquid damage overcoming this, just let your creativity, with the pun pun, flow.