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Fan gets tired of waiting and creates his own Nintendo Direct with Super Mario Maker 2 phase

Source: BeardBear (YouTube)Source: BeardBear (YouTube)

Nintendo has not run Nintendo Direct for a long time to reveal great news. Because of this, many fans of the game developer are speculating on Twitter about what comes next. Of course, there was the surprise of Pokmon and Animal Crossing this year, but players are looking forward to more.

What does Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo Direct is a Nintendo broadcast to reveal new games, updates and accessories for your consoles. The subject of the videos is varied, it can be about a single game or franchise for example.

Nintendo F creates its own Nintendo Direct using a Super Mario Maker 2 stage

A Nintendo fan, tired of not seeing a really exciting ad from the Japanese game developer, decided to create his own Nintendo Direct 2020, but using a Super Mario Maker 2 stage! In the picturesque video, which you can check below, there will be scenes with Bowser to play Nintendo America's president, Doug Bowser.

In the video we see that Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 will not debut until 2029 and there will be an indie division. And of course, the classic phrase "one more thing" could not be missing, where it shows a big surprise that you did not expect.

If you have the game Super Mario Maker 2 and want to play the level shown on the video, just type in the game search: 35C-B74-20H. The title will be like "Nintendo Direct: The Level" and the author ReallyJosh.

Super Mario Maker 2 was released in late July 2019. Developed by Nintendo, it is a continuation of Super Mario Maker, released in 2015. In this second edition of the game, a new style based on Super Mario 3D World is shown , in addition to many new features such as tracks, new enemies, themes, items and the cooperative and competitive multiplayer mode.

Source: Kotaku, twinfinite

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