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Drug users are using Apple Watches to monitor their heartbeat

That the Apple Watch a powerful health center and a valuable ally of medical professionals in monitoring patients, we are already bald to say. But perhaps this ?life saver? image (which extends to other smart watches, activity monitors and the like) is bowing to an unwanted effect on a portion of the population: chemical dependents.

Who sheds light on the subject CNBC, with a report highlighting a very particular phenomenon: some drug users (especially stimulating or reducing substances, such as cocana or the ecstasy) are using the heart rate meter of their Apple Watches and other monitors, such as Fitbits, to theoretically control the dosage of your consumption and not exceed a pre-established "limit" and considered safe for beats per minute.

The most common habit in technology-related drug users and has several supporters besides the individuals interviewed by the subject, the subreddit Drugs has a series of posts and discussions about using activity monitors to track drug use. One user even declared ?drugs are basically the only reason? for him to use a Fitbit, adding that he would like to have ?an early warning system for when my heart is about to explode?.

At first glance, from a harm reduction perspective, it would be reasonable to think that this is a positive practice; doctors, however, claim that this is not the case. The issue that the use of hard drugs brings many other risks besides a possible heart attack from a basic perspective only, Apple Watches, Fitbits and company are not even able to monitor the heart rate (which is different from the heart rate and one of the main causes of problems in the drug use) or blood pressure.

In this sense, the use of Apple Watches or other activity monitors, therefore, could create in users of these substances a false sense of security and an incentive to increase this consumption, which, in some cases, can be fatal. Cardiologist and professor at the University of California, San Francisco, Ethan Weiss, one of the professionals who discourage the practice:

Using drugs is always a risk, whether you're using a monitor or not. It is possible that this will lead people to use more cocaine.

Therefore, the best idea remains what Eliana already said in 2003 and ended my sleep in the process: children, stay away from drugs and if this is no longer an option, at least do so with extreme, extreme responsibility until they can seek help.

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