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Drake's new album debut beats almost all Apple Music records

Even if Drake seems to be very friendly with the guys in Cupertino, who tried to push their new record out, Scorpion, since its launch last week has been Spotify. Even so, the album rapper Canadian seems to have passed like a steamroller in the Apple Music.

On the streaming da Ma, the album basically broke all records of releases and reproductions on the first day of availability, as reported by The Verge. The double LP had more than 170 million reproductions in its first 24 hours of existence, and 9 of the 10 most heard songs on Apple Music in the period came from him. In addition, his growth was so rapid that, just a few minutes after the launch, he ranked first in the charts in 92 countries.

Even more interesting to note that the absolute numbers achieved by Scorpion on Apple Music they are even superior to those raised on Spotify, a platform with a significantly higher number of users and which has been making massive advertising of the new album. In the Swedish service, Drake's LP had 123 million plays in the first 24 hours of availability, which is also a record on the platform.

At this point, Drake only has to work to beat his record again after all, this achievement exceeds the last milestone of the rapper, who was already the record holder of the streaming when your mixtape last year, More Life, had achieved 89.9 million plays in the first 24 hours of availability on Apple Music.

, friends, the boy has the whole ball.