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Do you want to stay on top of all the rodeos that take place in Brazil? There’s an app for that!

If you like going to rodeos and to this day he didn?t find a simple and quick way to follow them on his smartphone, I have good news.

Her name Surrounding, free app developed by Matheus Becker that promises to inform about any and all rodeo that is happening in Brazil.

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The application lists all the rodeos that are going on and those that are to come, offers maps and directions, shows the weather forecast for these places and also lists even related parties / balls.

?I'm from Cambar do Sul, inland Rio Grande do Sul. I grew up in the middle of our gachas traditions and, as usual here, our sport is Tiro de Lao?, says Matheus. ?It was then, when I participated in BEPiD, that the idea of ??creating an app came up for me to help publicize rodeos, horseback riding, tournaments and other traditionalist events.?

Rodeiando can be downloaded for free from the App Store, compatible with iPads, iPhones (already adapted for X!), IPods touch and Apple Watches. It is also on Google Play, in Android version.