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DisplayMate finds: iPhone 5 has the best screen among smartphones

One of the new features of the iPhone 5 is its new screen, which gained more inches and continued with the same pixel density. DisplayMate performed several tests and found: the iPhone 5 screen the best among smartphones.

iMovie running on iPhone 5

In addition to its size, Apple has improved several aspects of the screen of its new device, such as reflection and contrast in very bright environments. According to the survey, the display of the iPhone 5 has reflections 52% less bright than that of the iPhone 4. This is a great news for those who suffered to use Ma's smartphone on the street.

Regarding the contrast, DisplayMate calculated that it is 57% higher in well-lit environments, taking some of its ?washed out? appearance in places like this. Another improvement was in the color accuracy and factory calibration of the screen, and, according to Dr. Raymond Soneira president of DisplayMate, the iPhone 5 only loses to the third generation iPad in these aspects, even when compared to any screen on the market .

The only low of the screen are: high loss of brightness (60%) at higher viewing angles, blue tint as in most smartphones and smaller Running Time at maximum brightness when compared to the iPhone 4.

DisplayMate's long study brings even more in-depth information and comparison to the screen of the Galaxy S III, manufactured by Samsung. Those who are interested, it is worth checking out.

(via AllThingsD)