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Discover the Classicbot and its miniatures inspired by the Macintosh

If you, like me, love to collect objects and toys to decorate your work area, then you will love the products of Classicbot. The miniatures are inspired by the old Apple computers, so they have that look vintage which can also please fans of this age of technology.

Starting with the Classicbot Classic, the doll, approximately 10 centimeters high, pays homage to the first Macintosh launched by Apple in 1984. Whether assembled with legs, arms and even a suitcase or with these parts completely separated, the miniature surprises by the details in the production.

The parts can be removed and placed thanks to the hands that connect the Macintosh ?head? arms and legs, and can be easily moved in different positions. For those who like to make animations with objects, Classicbot can be a great protagonist.


In addition, it is possible to equip the Classicbot with a suitcase and the Mousebot, which come with the product. The Classicbot Classic sold for US $ 29 + shipping to Brazil.

Other versions of Classicbot include the Thailand Special Edition, which celebrates the cooperation between JP Toys, a toy company in Thailand and Playsomeoys startup that produces the Classicbot. The special edition is available for $ 31 (+ shipping).


In addition to the special issue, Trashbot and Friend Playset perhaps it is the one with the coolest miniatures in the entire line, composed of figures that resemble the trash can, email, diskette, folder and the famous Macintosh ?error bomb? icon, the totally nostalgic set. The trash can is 8.5cm high and the whole set costs US $ 32 (+ shipping).


According to the creator of the pieces, the designer Philip Lee, in August there should be the pre-sale of the miniatures of the classic iMac G3, known for its colorful housing. See the designs of the next Classicbot on the manufacturer's page.

Very beautiful, isn't it?

via Cult of Mac