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Digital Workbook can also be accessed from an application

First, the digital version of the National Driver's License (CNH); now, Brazilians will also be able to access the Work Permit from an application, as informed by leaf.

Available from the Federal Government, the application CTPS Digital it allows workers to quickly access various information contained in the printed version of their portfolio, mainly data from past or current contracts.

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It is worth noting that the digital version is only a complement to the printed document, which remains the official one. Incidentally, another interesting novelty that through the app it is also possible to order the first or second copies of the paper wallet.

To access your Digital Work Portfolio, simply download the app and register on this Sine Fcil website, if you have not previously done it if you have used the site at any time, you can enter the data already registered.

After the registration process, it will still be necessary to confirm some information that is in your physical portfolio, such as the last year of contribution among other information, in order for the system to make sure that the owner of the portfolio is you. Then, you will be able to access the app normally.

The CTPS Digital app is already available for free on the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android).

In order to be curious, the Ministry of Labor also announced that it is possible to apply for unemployment insurance through the Emprega Brasil Portal, which will streamline the process, but it will still be necessary to go to a Sine post. See more details about this on this page.

Another good news is the School of Workers, which offers 6 million places for free and online courses, so that workers can qualify in different areas. Access this page for details.

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