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ColorWare now sells retro-styled Apple IIe AirPods

THE ColorWare built fame and fortune (ok, maybe I'm being a little hyperblack) doing first-rate painting and personalization work on iTrecos, Macs and other popular electronics. Now, the company is presenting its newest creation: AirPods with a very retro theme, inspired by the Apple IIe.

ColorWare AirPods with Apple IIe design

ColorWare's customization work is complete, starting with the case with horizontal details that resemble the air intakes of the 1983 model; the pairing button, on the other hand, gains rainbow paint as a reference to the classic multicolored logo by Ma. The headphones, in turn, are painted in the same color as the classic Pantone 453 case, characteristic of the Apple IIe as well as the iconic Macintosh.

For now, ColorWare does not offer a customization service for existing AirPods; if you were interested in the idea, having to take the scorpion out of your pocket to buy the new headphones and case directly from the company they come in their original packaging with all accessories and the warranty of the ColorWare itself (Apple's warranty violated with the process , after all). Delivery is expected from three to four weeks.

The problem is the price: the company charges $ 400 for special AirPods, which is more than double the $ 160 charged by Ma for white wireless headphones. Of course, the price you pay for being ?unique?, but I don't know if there are a lot of people willing to spend so much money for the same product with a visual difference. I, myself, will admire the pets only through the screen but will you have the fat savings, right? ?



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Price view: R $ 1,259.10Installed price: in at 12x R $ 116,58Feature: wireless headphonesRelease: December 2016

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