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Chromecast gets update to Netflix app and has user interface changes

Check out the changes that occurred in the update of the Netflix app on Chromecast. There are several changes in the interface and design of the application.

Source: NetflixSource: Netflix

Chromecast is a very versatile device for a media center, with which it is possible to have access to several applications that you have on Android smartphones. a device that is among the ideals for watching streaming easily and the most used service on it for this function is Netflix. Recently, the platform for transmitting films and series via the Internet received a major change in the interface we had on Chromecast, presenting a new design and recommendations for films.

"Rest" screen changes the way it is displayed on the Netflix app for Chromecast

For many years the Netflix app on Chromecast used a straightforward and useful design. In the moments when nothing was being reproduced, the Netflix logo appeared on TV with the phrase "ready to transmit", leaving the decision of what to actually watch for the commands on the phone. Now, this "rest" screen will display images of series, films and originals from the company's catalog.

However the recommendations made while not playing any video are not random, they are based on what you are interested in according to what has already been watched. An example when watching an anime of action and adventure and automatically indicated similar works of the same genre.

Series and movie indication screen that appears while not playing anything. Source: 9to5google.Series and movie indication screen that appears while not playing anything. Source: 9to5google.

The app?s new look on Chromecast also features a new design for the next episode?s play screen. The changes made seemed pleasant to me and at the same time it was a way of remembering how long ago the same layout had been made.

Screen for playing the next episode. Source: 9to5googleScreen for playing the next episode. Source: 9to5google

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Source: 9to5google

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