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Check which smart devices are trying to “steal” your data with IoT Assistant

Currently, when we surf online, it is common to receive warnings or notifications about the way our data is treated. However, when we talk about the multiple smart devices that already populate our homes, work spaces and establishments, the story is different.

To help understand if there is any smart equipment around them trying to collect information about users, a group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon created the IoT Assistant. The application also allows you to check if there is any way to maintain your privacy, such as limiting the amount of data to be shared.

Due to standards like the General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act, people need to be well informed about data collection processes, and the possibility to participate or not always has to be on the table, says Norman Sadeh, professor at the university's Institute for Software Research and principal investigator of the project, in a press release.

The application created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University is free and available for Android, on the Play Store, and for iOS, on the App Store.

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