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Case protects and recharges AirPods wirelessly

Since Apple announced the AirPower base almost a year ago, we have been waiting for it to arrive on the market with a new recharging case for AirPods that works wirelessly. In the meantime, it doesn't see the light of day, other manufacturers are looking to grab a piece of this cake.

the case of HiQ, with what she called AirPlus:

For just $ 15, you get a silicone case that not only protects the AirPods, but also adds charging support within the universal Qi standard. And, according to the company, the case recharges in the same time that it would take with a normal cable.

The special price is valid while AirPlus is on Indiegogo and Kickstarter; subsequently, it comes out for $ 35. There are a variety of colors available.

tip from Miguel Dornaes