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Boost Finder copy / paste with the Duplicate app

Nothing as basic on macOS as the copy and paste Finder. Still, many times when we need this option, it is simply not as quick or as ?smart? as we want.

Therefore, MacDaddy created the application Duplicate, which helps to further improve the process of duplicating whatever you need.

Duplicate app for macOS

The application is quite simple and the intention is only to improve what is good in the copy / paste options. The good thing about the app is that it is 10% faster at making copies of folders and files, in addition to having the great advantage of avoiding failures or problems with permissions as can normally happen in the native option.

Duplicate app for macOS

The app makes an exact replica that passes the test of the bouncer Backup, which determines whether a copy of a file and all associated data is perfect, which many (including the native Finder option) cannot do.

Such an ?exact replica? that the application makes so impressive that it is possible to copy entire disk drives and paste it into a drive bootvel, as seen below:

Duplicate app for macOS

If you are already on macOS High Sierra, you can download Duplicate for free and directly from this link (ZIP); if your version is the previous version (macOS Sierra or below), use this link (ZIP).

After extracting the app and placing it in your Applications folder, you still need to go to Extenses System Preferences and activate the ?Finder? option below Duplicate. So, you see the options "Copy" (?Copy?) and "Paste" (?Paste?) as a Duplicate icon in the Finder menu bar, and whenever you call the contextual menu with clicking with the Control key pressed or with the right mouse button.

via Apple World Today