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Apple opens beautiful store in Macau; Palo Alto and University Village undergo renovations

The past few days have been busy for Apple's retail boss Angela Ahrendts. This is because, in one stroke, the company opened a new store in Macau and completed the renovation of two other important ones, one in Palo Alto (California) and another in Seattle (Washington).

A lot of excitement for Apple this weekend with new and updated stores in Macau, Seattle and Palo Alto, including our 50 in Greater China!

Apple Cotai Central

Ma's new store in Macau (Greater China) is very different from the ones we are used to seeing. Although the foster + partners office (always he; supervised by Jony Ive and Ahrendts, of course) is responsible for the work, the store's look is unique with the shiny stone panels, as reported by designboom.

Apple Cotai Central

These interior elevations shine during the day, while at night the cube radiates a clear glow. The facade consists of five layers of glass integrated with incredibly thin layers of stone, a composition that gives the building its distinct materiality.


In the middle of everything there is still a ?bamboo grove? that crosses the elevated trio covered by a large skylight. The ground floor is wrapped in a glass facade that overhangs a bamboo screen, providing a greater sense of closure. The store also has two large stone staircases in the style of that of the Apple Park Visitor Center, illuminated by skylights that bring filtered natural light. The product display tables themselves are organized around the central trio, looking out over the ?bamboo grove?.

It was too much, right?

Apple University Village

Although it already exists, Apple University Village has undergone a major renovation to the point of leaving its former location and occupying a new space.

Apple University Village

The highlight of the store, according to The Seattle Times, the central open area called Frum, which is equipped with a huge high definition screen surrounded by wooden seats and local leather important for the Today at Apple (guided photography tours, code lessons for children, etc.).

The store, much wider than the previous one, was designed to be a ?public space? where you can enter and simply sit in a custom teak Adirondack chair on a large terrace. It has five entrances made up of glass panels almost 3 meters wide and 6 meters long that are completely open, letting the breeze flow and intentionally blurring the line between the interior retail space and the surroundings.

Inland, we have a Japanese maple surrounded by ferns; a raised planting bed, full of Bowhall maples (whose leaves will turn red in the fall) separates the new Apple store from the old glass and metal facade. The store also has a green roof.

Apple Palo Alto

The Apple Palo Alto one that we always visited during the MM Tour basically went through a quick makeover in order to gain an internal look according to Ma's new proposal.


The images are from 9to5Mac. Although it seems a little tighter, it came to life with green walls and plants scattered throughout.

More stores

Apple Piazza LibertyRenders with the proposal of the new Apple store in Milo (in Italy)

On a related note, the new Apple store in Milo will open to the public on July 21 (a Saturday), as reported by 9to5Mac.

Future Apple store in StockholmRenders with the proposal of the new Apple store in Stockholm (in Sweden)

The same website also said that, starting today, residents of Stockholm (Sweden) will have the opportunity to inspect Apple's plans for a new store bordering one of the city's most popular public parks.


Renders with the proposal of the new Apple store in Stockholm (in Sweden)

Until September 12th, the draft proposal for the fourth Apple store in the country is on display in the city facilities and open for public comments in writing. In addition, 24 local agencies and bodies were invited to give their opinions and a meeting consultation was scheduled for August 23.