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Apple Music offers a free month for Brazilian users who have tested the service but have not subscribed

Apple is offering a free month to customers in the Apple Music who did not become paid subscribers after the end of the trial three months. In regions like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, the novelty has been going on for some time, however, some Brazilian users started to receive the notification with the offer this week!

Apparently, users are alerted to the offer randomly, either via notifications push or emails and it is not clear what the exact parameters are to qualify for the offer. However, some have said that it appears to customers who have not upgraded their devices to the latest version of iOS and thus have not experienced changes in the service.

For those who received the offer through notification push, by touching the alert you will be taken to an Apple Music screen, which presents the call for the offer:

Did you miss us? Here's a free month for you.

After extra months, the user will be charged the normal service fee, which here in Brazil is R $ 16.90 per month for the individual plan, R $ 8.50 / month for the university plan and R $ 24.90 for the family plan.

There is still no information if Android users who have tried Apple Music also receive the opportunity to test the Apple service for another month, so tell us if you received the offer on your device. ?