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Apple may create subscription package that includes Apple Music, video content and news

Since the end of last year, we have been following some rumors that account for a future expansion of the catalog of services offered by Apple. Among these, we comment that the Apple News you can receive a newsstand dedicated to magazines and that Ma is investing US $ 1 billion in its original video content service, having already ordered several titles and series episodes (which we always comment on here on the website).

However, other issues still hang over our heads; for example, how would the content subscription and distribution service work? It is possible for Apple to start selling subscription plans for video content via the TV app, as done in Apple Music and News app (still unavailable in Brazil).

However, as disclosed by the The Information, two people familiar with the company's plans said Ma is considering offering a subscription package that would include streaming music, video and news.

The offer of a subscription package, however, is not exclusive on the market. Prime's service, from Amazon, already offers options that include videos, music, among other news. Still, it would be quite different than other streaming currently offer, which tend to focus on a specific area.

According to a report from a survey released this week by the Investor?s Business Daily, analyst Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital Markets said that this package could more than double the number of Apple Music subscribers that has already surpassed 50 million users to more than 100 million in the next three years.

Finally, the sources of The Information said that Apple plans to continue to offer each of the services independently, also suggesting a stand-alone TV service, and that discussions are still underway about how its subscription services will be.

Anyway, expected that both the streaming of original video content and Apple News magazines are only released from next year, which gives the company more time to think about the best way to sell and distribute its future services.

via MacRumors