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Apple expands retail chain with first official store in India

Apple has been making smartphones in India for several years, but the company has been losing part of the revenue generated in that territory because it does not have any official stores open. However, this is about to change, with the opening of the first official space for giant technology in an Indian city.

The news was given by Tim Cook at a shareholders' meeting. The CEO confirmed that the company will open its first store in India in 2021, and as of the second half of this year, the company plans to start selling its products online, directly through its official website.

Apple was waiting for government approval to open its own stores, since, according to Cook, the company does not want "anyone else to manage the brand on its behalf".

Apple hasn't sold a lot of equipment in India, partly because of the prices, which are unaffordable for most local consumers. The local market dominated by brands that have more economical models in their catalogs, such as Xiaomi and Samsung.

India is already the second largest market in the world in the smartphone segment, having left the USA behind, which justifies the commercial ambitions that the American company is trying to pursue with this decision.