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Apple discloses 3 beautiful commercials of the series “Clicked with iPhone” about football

Apple released three new commercials from the series ?Clicked with iPhone?related to football. Through the eyes of three cultures, videos tell the relationship of football history with these communities.

Personally, what caught my attention in these videos is that they don't look like commercials until the moment the message ?Shot on iPhone? displayed at the end. Before that and I think I'm not alone in this, we immerse ourselves in history and narration as if it were a kind of mini-documentary.

The Austrian Heart (The Heart of Australia)

While young Shadeene Evans describes her relationship with football, the video illustrates how the sport contributes to several Aboriginal young people from the Australian continent to accumulate experiences and friendships.

The heart of Australia. Finding happiness through football, Aboriginal girls embrace sport to create new opportunities for themselves. We managed to get a glimpse of its cultural heritage and how the community preserves and celebrates its identity.

The ?Wa? of Football (The ?Wa? of Soccer)

In Japan, a monk from the Yatsushiro region tells how football helps to connect with his community and maintain a peaceful unity, and how sport also functions as a form of self-knowledge.

The ?Wa? of football. A football game is an embodiment of the struggles of life in 90 minutes. A group of monks play to connect with the local community, stay fit and respect ?wa? – peaceful unity and conformity within a social group.

Berlengas Island Cup 2018 (Berlengas Island Cup 2018)

In this video, two Portuguese football teams (Baleal and Peniche), compete in their traditional annual sports competition, which has been going on since 1940. However, the teams must travel to a neutral territory for the game to take place, and the chosen place is the Berlengas Islands, a Portuguese archipelago.

Berlengas Island Cup 2018. The rival teams refuse to play on each other's field. They agree to play in neutral territory, the islands of Berlengas, on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, 11km from the continent. Berlengas Island Cup 2018 hosts Baleal against Peniche. It is a historic game to decide who is the champion of the sea and the football field.

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The videos of the series ?Clicked with iPhone? started with the iPhone 6 and, since then, Apple has been publishing incredible commercials on the most diverse subjects and themes.

And you, what did you think of these? On a game day in Brazil, it is good to wake up with videos that are so inspiring and that show the power of sport for the union.

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