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Apple announces $ 300 million clean energy fund in China

Last April, we commented that the Apple it started to carry out 100% of its operations around the world using clean energy, an important milestone that can also help other companies to convince themselves to only work with renewable sources.

Following this philosophy, Apple announced yesterday (12/7) a new clean energy investment fund in China. Initially, the project will bring together Ma and ten other suppliers who, together, should invest approximately $ 300 million in the contract over the next four years.

As disclosed by Ma, its new clean energy projects could produce more than 1GW of renewable energy in China. To give you an idea, this amount of energy could supply electricity to about 1 million households.

For Lisa Jackson, responsible for Ma's environmental initiatives, bringing together several companies that aim to face the climate challenge on the planet is fundamental to making a difference in this matter.

At Apple, we are proud to join companies that are struggling to meet the climate challenge. We are excited about the participation of many of our suppliers in the fund and hope that this model can be replicated globally to help companies of all sizes make a significant positive impact on our planet.

For companies, the advantage of buying clean energy, greater purchasing power over other sources and the ability to obtain renewable energy solutions that are ?more attractive and diverse,? said Apple.

The new fund is not Ma's first venture to improve environmental conditions for production in China. In 2015, the company had already launched two programs in this regard. In the same year, Apple launched an even bigger program, called "Clean Energy Supplier Program", bringing together 23 partners in 10 countries that have committed to using 100% clean energy in their Apple production lines.

via MacRumors