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Apparently, it's pretty easy to scratch the aluminum back / side of the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is already on sale, in all its elegance and charm and resistance! The anodized aluminum back and side of the black version are simply wonderful, and create an air of absolute elegance in the new iPhone.

scratched iPhone 5

But it seems that all this beauty can be easily poisoned with the small enemies of every smartphone owner: the risks. No matter how much care or money is invested in cases, your phone will get a mysterious scratch.

And this is something that can lead consumers to avoid the black version of the iPhone 5. The photo above, published by user sharingan_sasuk in the forum overclockers, shows a well damaged rear by simple keys.

As the rear of the lighter white version, the scratches should be less apparent on it. And, since no one likes to have a device all scratched, many will probably choose white. However, despite this * disadvantage *, the black iPhone 5 is still my option.

(via MacRumors)