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Another selection of good offers in the App Stores for this Black Friday!

We continue our selection of offers from sexta-feira Negra for you to enjoy! As it is an article that can be updated due to the appearance of new offers, we recommend visiting it again over the next day.

If you missed it, here are the posts for Wednesday and Thursday. ? ? ?


IOS Apps

Sorry, app not found.

Benchmarks of yours iGadgets.

Say & Go Voice Notes and Inbox app icon

Voice recorder.

Screens app icon

Remote access.

Decide Now! - Random Wheel

Help in your choice.

Home Design 3D GOLD app icon

Plan your home.

ToonCamera app icon

Photo effects.

Brushstroke app icon

Your photos transformed into paintings.

Weather Radar app icon: Forecast

Weather forecast.

PhotoPills app icon

Turn your ideas into photos.

Games for iOS

Linia app icon


Dino Rush app icon

Jewish game.

FRAMED 2 app icon

Continuation of a bestseller.

Galaxy of Pen & Paper app icon

Space RPG.

Sushi Go! App icon

Cards game.

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MacOS apps

Screens app icon 4

With version 4, Screens is now in tune with Screens for iOS. Many features that were only available on iOS were still missing from the macOS version, such as Curtain Mode, Availability Indicators and One Click User Passwords. Screens 4 for macOS has some unique features, such as File Transfer and Touch Bar support. Screens are now compatible with OpenGL, which makes rendering insanely fast!

Home Design 3D GOLD app icon

Plan your home.

Unclutter app icon

A temporary place for your files.

Video Converter - Tenorshare app icon

Video converter.

Games for macOS

Botanicula app icon

Featured game from the App Store.

Samorost 3 app icon

Beautiful game.

Sorry, app not found.

Avoid hitting the blue balls.

Get The Cake!

Retro style game.

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Take advantage of today's offers, the day before yesterday and yesterday's, remembering that, even in sexta-feira Negra, they can be for a very limited time, so good to run! ?