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Adobe shows future Photoshop tool that uses machine learning to select objects intelligently

No one, I believe, contest the perception that the Photoshop is the most powerful image editing tool in the world. This does not prevent AdobeHowever, to continue exploring new directions to take its world-renowned software and bring news that expands the possibilities or simply makes life easier for users.

Recently, the main one of these new directions that I mentioned above has a first and last name: machine learning. With the development of artificial intelligence, Adobe has included new features in Photoshop and in several products of its formidable line of software with ?smart? characteristics, capable of recognizing scenarios and objects, and doing in a moment work that would have required, for some time , many minutes (or even hours) of the person in front of the screen.

The most recent of these new features has to do with one of Photoshop's primary tools, selection. The call Select Subject (Select Subject) uses Sensei's processes, its machine learning technology, to detect different elements in the scene and, in an infinitely faster and more practical way than using the quick selection tool, to get all the desired element at once a person, an object or anything else.

See s:

Adobe's own team says that the selection is not perfect and the user still needs to make, in some cases (such as those where we have hair or animal hairs involved), some adjustments before completing the process, but we still have a good one here. time savings compared to the current procedure. According to the developer, the feature will be added to the software in an upcoming update without specifying a date, however.

Good news, right?

via 9to5Mac