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8 apps to hide photos and ensure more privacy on your phone

To ensure complete privacy of your photos, videos and other sensitive content, having an application to protect your files can be essential. AppGeek has selected the best apps for you to hide your photos in a safe place.

So, if you want to borrow your cell phone for a few minutes, don't be more afraid that someone might see something they shouldn't. Perfect for the security of private or explicit content, as well as secret images with personal information.

1. Calculator – Photo safe

Hide photos with Photo Safe Calculator

The Calculator – Photo Safe is a very interesting application for you to protect your images: at first, it looks just like a normal calculator, which is functional and has the basic of a calculator. However, when entering your secret code, you have access to a folder with your private photos!

Very useful for those who want discretion when accessing personal images. In addition, if you need to lend your cell phone to someone, the person can even use the calculator, but without the secret code, all photos are protected.

The application has encryption, ensuring greater security. This is: even if someone finds the image file, it will not be possible to view it! And if you decide to uninstall the tool, your photos will not be deleted from the phone, returning to the gallery. Great for anyone who doesn't want that nude fall into the net.

It is worth paying attention to the chosen password: calculators usually do not count 0 (zero) as a number, if it is included at the beginning of your password. So, avoid starting your secret code with zero.

To download the Calculator – Photo Vault, click here.

2. Gallery Lock

Hide photos with Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock is a very light and simple application for you to hide multimedia content. One of the most interesting points of the app is that it takes a picture of the person who types the incorrect password three times.

You can still share images and videos in different applications (social networks, browsers, etc.) and synchronize with cloud backup services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, among others.

To ensure the protection of the images, you need to create a password or a standard design to unlock the app and have access to the content. Simple and fast, with Gallery Lock you guarantee privacy.

Important: If you decide to uninstall the application from your phone, disable the option to hide photos, since if you don't, all images will be lost. So stay tuned!

To download Gallery Lock, click here.

3. Private Photo Vault

Hide photos with Private Photo Vault

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Simple and lightweight, Private Photo Vault protects your private photos and videos in a variety of ways. The application is protected by a password or drawing pattern, the albums you create can have personalized passwords, as well as being able to know who is trying to access the content.

The management of photos in the app is also facilitated by several functionalities: creation of albums in the tool itself, import and export directly from the gallery and synchronization with iTunes. You can also share your photos in the app via email or messages!

With the intuitive interface, as well as your normal mobile gallery, it is easy to create slide shows, which can include photos and videos. Of course, all this with the latest technology to guarantee your privacy and security!

To download Private Photo Vault, select the operating system: Android / iOS.

4. Lynx Privacy

Hide photos with Lynx Privacy

Like the other options on the list, Lynx Privacy is a lightweight and user-friendly application. It allows you to protect your personal photos and videos with a password, but it also offers extra protection with your fingerprint: so you can only access the hidden content!

To save space on the device, the app offers an automatic synchronization of content to the cloud, with a free space of 5GB. It is still possible to share the images quickly through the application itself.

In addition, Camouflage Mode ensures extra privacy by disguising the application as any other, a calculator, for example. It is also interesting for not appearing in recently used apps.

And don't worry: if anyone tries to access your secret gallery, the app will take a picture of the attacker and inform you of the attempted breach.

To download Lynx Privacy, click here.

5. FotoX

Hide photos with FotoX

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With encryption capability, FotoX is a complete application for the protection of sensitive content on the smartphone. By setting a password or drawing pattern, the app hides photos and videos from the default gallery and, if you want, you can still save them in the cloud!

As with other applications, FotoX will always warn you of attempted hacks, which will be recorded in a list. So you have control over who's been trying to eavesdrop on your secret content.

To have a more discreet and subtle experience, you can hide the FotoX icon. That way, no one suspects that your cell phone has hidden content. This helps to diminish the curiosity of certain people who can't resist taking a peek at what you've been photographing around!

To download FotoX, click here.

6. KeepSafe

Hide photos with KeepSafe

A perfect digital safe, KeepSafe has the option of including a password, drawing pattern or fingerprint, ensuring that you can only open folders with your photos and secret content.

In addition, if you find yourself in a complicated situation, where there are people around who want to spy on what you are seeing on your cell phone, KeepSafe automatically rotates the device's screen downwards. So whoever is looking does not know exactly what you are looking at!

You can back up to a private encrypted cloud, and if you want to share private content, you can do so directly from the app. Upon receiving the photo or video, the person will only have 20 seconds to view it, since everything will disappear without a trace!

KeepSafe also does not appear in the list of recently used applications. And if you want even more interesting features, the app has a Premium version with several options, which includes invasion alerts.

To download KeepSafe, click here.

7. Photo Locker

Hide photos with Photo Locker

One of the best apps to ensure the privacy and security of photos, videos and private files on your smartphone, Photo Locker encrypts everything that is included in the app.

It is possible to organize all your content in the application itself, with the inclusion of photos and videos extremely simple in the intuitive interface. D to browse private and public files easily, with great fluidity.

Photo Locker is very simple, but it has all the functions necessary for you to protect sensitive content and prevent private photos and videos from falling into malicious hands on the internet.

The application does not have backup to the cloud, which is an added value for those who have, say, compromising photos on their cell phones.

To download Photo Locker, click here.

8. Hide photos, videos

Hide photos, videos

Easy, simple and free, with Esconda fotos, videos you have total control over hidden content on your smartphone. Private photos and videos are only available with a password, pattern or digital print.

The application also prevents content from being accessed by third-party apps, such as the browser. Thus, if you are going to provide an image for a website, the hidden photos will not be available for selection. Useful for those who do not want to have a surprise when registering in any portal!

Hide photos, videos allows you to backup directly to Google Drive, in addition to having an advanced image viewer, which displays the image's pixel level in detail.

It is also possible to save GIFs and share all the content with whomever you want, in the application itself.

To download Hide photos, videos, click here.

The applications above are very effective in protecting your private photos, videos and content. With the creation of passwords and the exclusion of thumbnails in the folders of the smartphone, it will be much easier to lend your cell phone to someone who may want to snoop your photos!

Caring for your photos

Never too much protection, especially with sensitive content such as photos and private videos. After all, it is almost inevitable to save a photo of some important password, your passport or even intimate moments, which must not fall into the wrong hands.

So here are some valuable tips for your security and privacy!

1. Don't share your passwords

It seems obvious, but a lot of people end up sharing passwords with family and friends. Whether just to take a look at social media or to play games, pass your codes to third-party access dangerous. Especially if you store sensitive content on your device.

So, nozzle closed when lending someone your cell phone: type your password on the screen yourself!

Password on smartphone phone

2. Avoid making copies of private photos and videos

The more copies you have of an image or video, the more difficult it will be to keep it safe and out of the hands of malicious people.

Some copies are automatically generated when you send an image to someone or post on Instagram, for example. So stay tuned: save just one of the images or videos!

Thus, you will have less work when it comes to protecting your content, because the more copies, the more protection measures you will need.

3. Do not store sensitive content in the cloud

Saving files, photos and videos in the cloud is a valuable tip for anyone who doesn't want to risk losing anything. However, it is not recommended to save sensitive content, such as intimate or private images and videos.

Because they are on the Internet, although theoretically safe, hackers can try to access their cloud storage and find photos and videos that should not be circulated on the network. Therefore, do not save sensitive or explicit content in the cloud.

4. Do not save private images in the email

E-mail is one of the most susceptible services to hacking attacks. So saving your private photos and videos on it can carry a great risk: if your account is hacked, malicious Internet users could share and post your sensitive content over the internet without your realizing it.

Pen-drives and other physical media can also be lost and fall into the wrong hands, which could access everything and play on the internet. So, avoid saving content that should be secret in e-mail, flash drives or other media that could be breached!

5. Keep an antivirus up to date

This is a tip that is not only valid if you are hiding private photos and videos on your phone, but is valid for any time.

A good active and updated antivirus is fundamental for the protection of your data and files, since hacker attacks are more difficult to happen if you have this extra protection.

AppGeek has already listed the best free antiviruses today. Choose any of them to guarantee the security of your sensitive contents and also of all personal and private data on your cell phone!

With these tips, you guarantee security and privacy, and still stop worrying if you need to lend your cell phone to someone.

And if you're still not satisfied with the privacy on your smartphone, learn how to hide apps in just 5 steps. But if you need more space, we recommend 6 cleaning applications. See also how to put password on your apps!