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★ Take advantage of Black Friday to learn how to create websites and apps for just $ 20!

Have you thought about learning from market experts without leaving your home or even paying tuition? THE Udemy an startup from Silicon Valley that is revolutionizing distance education around the world, with excellent quality courses available at extremely low prices.

Something that is only possible due to the scale of the operation, with 55 thousand courses available and more than 18 million students! And, in addition to the quality content available online, the lifetime access. That is, you pay only once and can access whenever you want and from wherever you want. You can even download the modules to learn offline on the way to work or check if the instructor has updated the content months after completing the course.

If you still need one more reason to get to know Udemy, starting today they have more than 95% discount in almost all courses during the week of sexta-feira Negra. Most of them for just R $ 20, including a new full iOS 11 development course! As there are many options, we select the best in the categories of schedule and design, check out:

Complete iOS 11 development course

O IOS 11 Swift 4 Development Full Course the newest Udemy release for anyone who wants to learn how to create iOS apps from scratch, without needing to know the program. This is one of the most valued professions on the market and the ideal course for those who are thinking about changing careers or for professional developers who want to improve themselves in new ones. frameworks available on Apple platforms.

Udemy's offer for Black Friday!

The student creates 20 real and 100% functional apps, step by step, based on detailed explanations. Among them, Instagram clones, Uber, Flappy Bird and many others. "But I don't have a Mac," you may be saying. Smoothly, this course is the only one that does not require a Mac since the instructor passes all the services to have a machine in the cloud that can be used to follow the course and develop all the projects. During the sexta-feira Negra, he has more than 90% discount, leaving for only R $ 20!

Complete web development course

Do you want to learn the most used tools for the development of websites and web systems, and take the opportunity to get your project off the ground and put it on the internet? The Udemy teaching platform was the beginning for millions of students worldwide and in Brazil! The highlight was the launch of the Full Web Developer Course 2017, by instructor Andr Fontenelle, a reference in programming education in the country.

Udemy's offer for Black Friday!

The student can start classes at any time and study at the pace they want. All subjects are taught from the beginning, including JavaScript, the main programming language and the main starting point in the career of a successful developer.

And, as always better to learn in practice, the student can take advantage of the course to create more than 10 real projects with the instructor's accompaniment. There are more than 30 hours of content that will teach you everything about HTML5, CSS 3, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP and SQL all the essential tools for you to become a successful developer! Enjoy the promotion until the end of the month (or while the coupons last), thus, the course of R $ 580 will leave for only R $ 20!

User experience and design thinking

Want to learn the user's experience techniques and design thinking who will guarantee the next step in your career? The new online course UX & Design Thinking: User Experience in Business, from Udemy, is already an absolute success with more than 1,500 students enrolled.

Udemy's offer for Black Friday!

Learn the techniques that guide user-centric teams with hundreds of practical examples and become a complete professional, with the ability to lead teams and develop better products or services. There are no prerequisites. You learn the pillars of lean UX, including lean startup, design thinking and gil development. The content also addresses design sprints, wireframes, prototyping and the main metrics used by Silicon Valley companies to guarantee the success of your company (and career)!

Complete digital marketing

The course Complete Digital Marketing, by instructor Andr Fontenelle, composed of eight modules designed to take you to the professional level quickly, addressing issues from the beginning (with the fundamentals of digital marketing) and going through advanced use (SEO techniques, Google AdWords, Facebook & Instagram Ads, as well such as email marketing).

Udemy's offer for Black Friday!

In addition to teaching how to create campaigns in each of these channels, the course will teach how to monitor and analyze the results to improve performance and bring more results to your business. He also has a super discount during the sexta-feira Negra, from R $ 580 for only R $ 20!

Learn all about Photoshop

Udemy's offer for Black Friday!

If your beach is not a program or if you want to complement your skills in the area, Udemy also offers the course Photoshop CC 2017 Complete – from Beginner to Advanced, which teaches from scratch all the tools to edit, manipulate or create images, including the use of masks, the design of shapes and the creation of art for digital marketing.

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Pay once and always access!

Forget this monthly fee! At Udemy you pay once, on the card or in the boleto, and access the course (with the right to all updates) forever. And the coolest thing you can do is at your own pace, from the device you choose, even offline!

Do not waste time and enjoy the promotion that runs until the 27th of November!