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★ Review: convert basically any type of video (including 4K resolution) with MacX Video Converter Pro

In an ideal world, we will never need to convert even a video. A single standard would take care of all devices, systems and capture devices, and we, servants of the digital age, will have one less concern in our heads.

Obviously, reality is different and we more than others, of course we often have to deal with format incompatibility and face conversion programs almost always divided into two categories: either simple and limited or powerful and totally unintelligible. In this regard, I bring good news: luckily, there is an option that escapes both classifications and your name MacX Video Converter Pro.

MacX Video Converter Pro

From the developer Digiarty which has already appeared here with (also very cool) MacX MediaTrans, the utility for Macs is a video converter that perfectly fulfills what it promises, basically accepts any format you have in your machine and also brings some interesting differentials. The main one: converting videos to 4K, even with the option of upscaling.

Starting with the experience of use, MacX Video Converter Pro brings a simple environment, although I have to negatively highlight the interface elements that seem to have come straight from the first half of the 2000s, not something that interferes with the use of the software, but passes the impression that we are dealing with a dated tool (which is not the case).

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Another point that can hinder the absence of the conversion to Portuguese a little: unlike other applications in which the operation is almost entirely visual, a video converter brings some configurations (related to formats, adjustment of framerate, sound and others) more complex. If you do not have a minimum knowledge of English, therefore, you may have some difficulty in operating the software and extracting all its possibilities from it. Anyway, you don't need to speak the language fluently to get along here: as the interface helps with the operation, things are not particularly complicated if you know a word or two of English.

In terms of functionality, MacX Video Converter Pro converts videos to / from a multitude of formats, such as MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV, 3GP and many others, into compression standards such as H.264 or H.265 / HEVC (the one recently adopted by Apple). It can also compress videos, preserving their resolution, up to 50% of the original size (particularly useful with 4K media) and it also comes with tools to download videos from YouTube in the desired format and a small utility for capturing the screen of the Mac all, easy to use features and without major performance problems.

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Incidentally, one of the points where I was surprised with the utility was its conversion speed. A short one-minute video in 720p, in MP4 format, had the upscaling for 4K performed in just under 30 seconds on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro (this model here) which, despite being my old and beloved companion, admittedly no more Ferrari. The result, although not perfect (after all, we are talking about software and not magic), was quite satisfactory.

MacX Video Converter Pro also has a small and very basic editor that allows you to cut the video in question, perform crops in the image, adjust the audio volume, add a watermark or, my favorite feature, add an SRT subtitle file so that it is permanently recorded on the media.

For all of these features, Digiarty normally charges $ 59.95 for a limited time, however, the utility is leaving for $ 29.95. Sure, not exactly a bargain, but MacX Video Converter Pro is a very capable, powerful tool and full of interesting extras. If the act of converting videos is a routine for you, the investment is highly recommended. Your time and mood will thank you. It (as well as its Windows version) can be purchased on the developer's official website.

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