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You no longer need a cable TV plan to have HBO and watch everything on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV!

I don't like to use the word finally for nothing. Even avoiding it, the use here is as much as possible. Yes, my friends, it's finally possible to watch HBO on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV without the need for a cable TV plan!

As reported by the Linked in Srie, HBO Latin America announced yesterday the long awaited new distribution model for the streaming in Brazil. Until then, only users who had a cable TV plan signed or customers of a Oi or Vivo broadband plan (from some regions) had the possibility to subscribe to HBO GO and have access to the content via iGadgets and Apple TV.

From now on, the service can be subscribed directly through the HBO GO app, available for iOS and Android. In other words, the exclusive content of the Home Box Office is now offered throughout the country without the need for any additional services, such as internet or TV, until then, the app was only for customers of a cable TV plan with HBO to have access to company content. In the new subscription format, you obviously need a broadband connection to enjoy the app, but now it is no longer restricted to the plans of just two companies.

HBO GO ® app icon

We are very excited about the launch of HBO GO in digital stores in Brazil. an important step so that Brazilians can have more access to our exclusive content and watch it anytime and anywhere. Offering this service is part of the company's strategy to make content premium from HBO is even more accessible, quickly and easily.

Francisco Smith, executive vice president of HBO Latin America.

The news is due to the price: the subscription to HBO GO in Brazil costs R $ 34.90 on Google Play and US $ 11 on iOS (as we know, the Apple system still charges in dollars, something that should change in the future in the very distant) you have 30 days of testing to taste the HBO menu and decide if the subscription is worth it or not. Unlike Netflix (plans ranging from R $ 19.90 to R $ 37.90), there is no option to subscribe in reais through the service's website and only if you log in to the iOS application, the subscription can only be made by the device ( whether smartphones or tablets).

To watch over 2,500 exclusive titles and original productions like "Westworld", "Big Little Lies", "True Blood", ?Soprano Family?, "The Wire" and "Game of Thrones", you can use both smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) or from a TV with Chromecast, Xbox 360 (with Xbox Live), Apple TV (fourth generation or higher) or Android TV.