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You can now save your best Instagram stories to murals on your profile; other news are coming!

O Instagram has been at an interesting pace of news lately, the last one was less than a week ago, with the Remix feature. Now, while many things are being tested by the network, yet another new feature is being added with immediate effect, incidentally, which appears to have come directly from Snapchat. But what's the surprise of that, anyway?

The main novelty of the day has everything to do with Stories, which became one of the main facets of the network. In a very ?inspired? resource (emphasis on quotes) in the Memories, from Snapchat, Instagram has announced that, from now on, it will archive all the stories you post on your profile in a new private tab. Those you want may be selected to appear on public murals at the top of your page, called Stories Highlights (Story Highlights).

For example, you can have a specific mural for your dog, one for food, one for a trip you took and one for your family and, when you want, save a story from one of them so that it can be seen forever (or until you manually delete it). The idea behind the novelty, according to the developers, is that the stories are a much more faithful representation of the user's life than their own profile and, by joining these memories on each page, it is possible to build a persona it is much closer to reality.

The new feature is already available in the latest Instagram update for iOS and for Android in the case of Ma's system, including, the update fixes a bug in iPhone X that hid the volume bar behind the clipping (notch) of the device.

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This above is the ?concrete? news of the day, but other resources are in the final stages of testing and will soon arrive on the social network of photos and videos. Want an example?

Future resource Future Instagram feature ?rules? | Image: The Next Web

Instagram is testing a "Rule" native or, in simpler terms, a way to share content published by other users without having to resort to third party solutions for that. Particularly, I think that the idea has problems Instagram is one of the last social networks to encourage the creation and posting of own content, and such a resource would be a direction contrary to this characteristic. But if people already do, who am I to contest, anyway?


Option to connect your Instagram account with Messenger | Image: TechCrunch

Another interesting novelty that is being tested is one of the first features of ?direct? integration between Instagram and Facebook: now, no Facebook Messenger, it will be possible to connect to your Instagram account to contact the profiles you follow directly via the instant messenger. Only profiles that follow each other will be imported.

Want more? Soon, it will be possible fetch GIFs within the social network that can be used for inclusion in stories or traditional posts. There are also plans to create a list of "close friends", which would allow the user to share some content only with those most frequent contacts. In addition, there are plans within Facebook to launch a program Instagram Beta for iOS, in which selected users will be able to test new features in advance as they already do on Android.

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Finally, a serious and extremely necessary novelty: Instagram will start displaying warnings before displaying pictures of animal abuse and exploitation of wild and / or endangered species. As is well known, many people with noo still like to post selfies with exotic animals it is a process that causes animals suffering and only contributes to a false impression that species are mere animals available for our diversion, instead of crucial parts of an ecosystem whose balance is increasingly threatened.


So from now on, when searching for hashtags popular as #koalaselfie, #slothselfie and #exoticanimalselfie, Instagram will display a warning asking its users to protect wildlife, remembering that the photos that will be displayed next can encourage behaviors that are harmful to animals and / or the environment. A link, available in the same notice, displays an even more complete text on the topic.

If the user wants to, they can still see the videos and photos marked with the hashtag there is, at least in this first moment, a block to this type of post. The idea is to make users aware and promote a change in the general thinking of people who want to see or post content like this.

What did you think of the news?

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