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Where's the Apple Glass? Video analyzes the scenario about the so-called Apple glasses

I always believed that technology It is the most efficient way to shape the world and it should have as much space in conventional media as the other (slower) way of doing it: politics. But that does not happen.

Analyzing and understanding the strategic decisions of technology companies like Apple always makes me happy, because in doing so you can see how the future is likely to be for our children or grandchildren.

The video below (in English) of the channel PolyMatter, tells a little about the strategy and challenges of Apple (and technology companies in general) with augmented reality in other words, how to transition from using an iPhone to AR / VR glasses.

The video revolves around something that most of us have always underestimated, due to the low applicability in daily life: the ARKit. Launched at WWDC17, ARKit is the set of tools that developers have to create applications using augmented reality. For those who do not know, AR basically unites graphic elements to the real world, which is currently done by pointing the cell phone camera towards the environment and observing, through its screen, this environment will be filled with objects. There are only a few, most applications are limited to games like Pokmon GO or software that simulates home decorations, for example.

But what's the catch: ARKit is the way Apple found to test and validate augmented reality, without revealing to the public absolutely anything about the glasses he is producing. Thus, when the glasses are launched, the applications will already be ready and Ma will have already collected enough feedback to not launch an unfinished product which is consistent with the strategy always used. as if they were using the iPhone screen like glasses without you noticing.

Then the video analyzes why Apple is the company most likely to launch a ?Smartglass? of success, even if not the first (Microsoft has already launched HoloLens, Snap has already launched Spectacles, Google has launched Glass and so on).

The Cupertino company has the greatest history of turning a product that you "would even use" into one that you "have to use" (see headphones, music players and watches). Has the greatest ability to create products with impeccable design (one of the biggest barriers to adoption of smartglasses will be to make people who do not have vision problems use glasses that are not in the sun). Finally, this type of gadgetEven more than watches, it needs to be worn and tested on the body, which gives Ma a huge advantage due to its more than 500 physical stores around the world.

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Another must-see video from the same channel (incidentally, all of their videos are excellent, the content is incredibly didactic and nothing cliché) is called ?The Grand Theory of Apple?.

This one that one of the most viewed explains the entire operation of the company. As well? Well, imagine that Tim Cook and Phil Schiller drink a few more beers, call an illustrator and decide to tell the world the basis for making each of the decisions they make. the perfect video to send to your friend who criticizes Ma without knowing anything about strategy in innovation.

Other videos from this channel that I recommend are: ?Apple?s Money Problem (& Why it Won?t Buy Netflix)?, "Why Bing Isn?t a Failure", ?The Grand Theory of Amazon?, ?Subscription Affliction? and ?How to Make a Blockbuster Movie? if you do well in english, lie down and roll.