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weMessage is an app that takes iMessage to Android

While Apple sees the exclusivity of iMessage on their platforms as a differentiator, there are those who see this as a major setback for the communication network because, obviously, not only all their relatives / friends / colleagues who are also in the world of Ma. There has even been a rumor that the company itself Apple would take iMessage to Android, but as we know it never materialized and there are no signs of going.

In May last year, we spoke here on the website about PieMessage but the project has been abandoned since then. Here, with a very similar proposal, the weMessage.

weMessage for Android

With this app, already available on Google Play, it is possible to take the iMessage network to Android. And, like PieMessage, it is not based on reverse engineering or trickery that could easily be broken by Apple; To use it, I need to run a small server software on a Mac.

In other words, in practice, it is still necessary that the person has at least one foot there in the Apple world. Only, as we know, there are many people who love using Macs but do not support the iPhone; then ok, a good option.

WeMessage supports group chats, attachments, personalization, read receipts, advanced encryption and more. The most amazing? It was developed by Roman Scott, a boy of just 16 years old.

To those who try it, comment what you found below! ?

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