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Waze announces interesting news, such as improved voice control and special mode for motorcycles

One of the most popular navigation apps in Brazil is gaining some interesting news today. O Waze announced on its official blog three new features that can make life easier for users and bring new possibilities to the navigation experience, one of them, however, is not yet available in national territory.

The first novelty motorcycle support. If you drive a motorcycle, you can now configure the application so that it takes this information into account and offers you optimized routes for this type of vehicle based on the paths of others Wazers on two wheels and calculate the estimated time of arrival with more precision. Motorcycles join private cars and taxis as vehicle types supported by the app and, to choose this option, just tap on ?Vehicle Type? in the ?Navigation? menu, in the settings.

Another interesting addition to the command "OK Waze". The navigation service has had voice command support for a long time, but with the novelty, it is possible to simply utter the words above with the application in action so that it starts to listen to your searches or requests for change of route. "OK Waze", for now, is only available in English, but it can be activated in Brazil just go to the application settings, in the "Sound and Voice" menu, and activate the option.

The third novelty of the day has not yet arrived here for obvious reasons, but it will be very interesting for drivers in the United States and other northern countries. Waze is the first navigation application to support calls HOVs (High-Occupancy Vehicle lane, or lane for vehicles with high occupancy), special lanes on highways exclusive to cars with a minimum number of occupants popularly known as carpool lanes (hitchhiking tracks).

With the addition, the driver will be able to tell if the car is being occupied by one or more passengers, if he is driving an electric car, hybrid or with reduced emissions (these also gain benefits on the roads), with a special pass or any combination of the three options above. From there, Waze calculates the best route taking into account the information.

The latest update of the app already brings all the new features and is available to all users on the App Store and Google Play. Specifically in relation to the iOS version, it is worth noting that the update late fixes a bug that had been making the service almost unusable for the past few weeks, with delays in the latency rate of the animations that made navigation difficult. Now, everything is back to normal.

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via TechCrunch