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Toptal: The platform that brings together freelancers and companies to facilitate the task of recruiter and candidate

Freelancing is already a choice for many, but sometimes finding work can be challenging. To help get around this problem, there is the Toptal website, an online platform where professionals from various areas are able to discover their potential, while companies can hire.

The exclusive network for software developers, designers, finance specialists, product managers and project managers. But how do companies and professionals manage to hire and be recruited?

tek Toptal

In the case of being a freelancer you will have to apply first, since the platform that defines which professionals are registered on the site, based on certain criteria. Once the application has been approved, the profile will appear on the website and Toptal will direct candidates to available offers, depending on the interests of each company.

According to the platform, the recruitment process takes an average of up to three weeks through the website, when the reality of hiring an employee can take between one to four months. Airnbnb, NetApp and Shopify are some of the companies that rely on this platform to hire specialists for their team.

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