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This hub allows you to connect your MacBook Pro to a 4K monitor and recharge multiple iDevices

Turns and moves new projects pop up in the Indiegogo and we have already commented on several creations that, most of the time, think of solutions for those people who have several gadgets or those who face the daily rush. This is also the purpose of iMate, another project by Grenoplus that allows you to recharge and synchronize several Apple devices simultaneously.

Quickly charge and sync all your Apple devices simultaneously with iMate. All MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch models are supported, in addition to including USB-C sockets for other devices. Say goodbye to lack of adapters or time to charge your electronics, and say the new way to connect, charge and sync all your gadgets favorites.

Among the features of iMate, one of the most striking is the possibility of recharging the Apple Watch. For this, the hub has a small door, located at its rear, which is ejected so that the watch charger (certified by Apple) can be accessed.

iMate recharging an Apple Watch, MacBook Pro and iPhone

In addition to support for multiple devices, the hub also allows data transfer from one device to another, with speeds of up to 10Gb / s to the USB-C ports and 5Gb / s to the USB 3.0 port.

IMate also features display technology HDMI 4K Ultra, which means that you can connect your MacBook or MacBook Pro to a 4K monitor, via the HDMI port, and watch your favorite programs and movies with great but not perfect quality, since the hub supports a maximum transmission rate of 32Hz .

Specifically, the iMate hub has:

  • Two USB-C ports with fast charging (3x faster than standard sockets);
  • Compatibility with all Apple devices;
  • Apple Certified Apple Watch charger;
  • HDMI port supporting 4K connection;
  • SD memory card slot (with data reading at 104Mb / s);
  • One USB 2.0 port (with data transfer at a speed of up to 480Mb / s);
  • One USB 3.0 port (with data transfer at a speed of up to 5Gb / s).

iMate being placed inside a backpack

The hub also surprises with its portability, as it weighs approximately 250 grams and measures 12.5 cm. So if you are looking for a portable solution for your iDevices, iMate can be a great option. It is available for US $ 110 (one unit) + shipping to Brazil, and delivery is scheduled to begin in September this year.

tip from Miguel Dornaes