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The 5 best and lightest Android emulators to play on PC

For many mobile game lovers, having an Android emulator on the PC can be very important. It is even more attractive if the program is light, fast and free. With the convenience of the computer, accessing the Google operating system brings incredible possibilities, such as having any game or application from the Play Store in the comfort of your desktop.

Often, for those who do not have a very powerful smartphone, it is difficult to install certain apps and games. Therefore, having a good PC emulator can work around the problem, giving you access to all Android features.

With that in mind, AppGeek selected the 5 best and lightest Android emulators for the PC. Check out!

1. MeMU Play


Focused on playing games and testing applications, MeMU is one of the most popular programs for playing your Android games on your PC. In addition to being light and fast, one of the most interesting features will be able to run more than one game at the same time, in separate windows.

It is also possible to configure the mouse and keyboard controls, perfect for those who want games with more complex commands, which can be found in the search options of the application. It is also a simple and easy to install tool, with the process completed in a few minutes.

To download MeMU, click here.

2. KoPlayer


Emulator created with gamers in focus, KoPlayer capable of running the most popular Android games. Light, free and with a friendly and intuitive interface, this emulator also supports graphic acceleration, stable and has no compatibility problems.

With support for keyboard and mouse controls, KoPlayer also allows gamepads, as well as accessing multiple accounts at the same time and running more than one application simultaneously.

Considered one of the best Android emulators for games, KoPlayer is very simple to use, with all the necessary options to get you started playing quickly!

To download KoPlayer, click here.

3. LDPlayer


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One of the lightest Android emulators, LDPlayer is also very simple to use. After installing the software on your PC, just download the games you want. To download the games, just enter the tool and use the search field. Thus, LDPlayer searches directly on the Google Play Store for the most popular games, and also shows the most finely tuned results with your search.

In addition, LDPlayer allows you to record what is happening on the screen, allowing you to save videos while you play, and then share with anyone you want. Or even include in a tutorial on that awesome game!

To download LDPlayer, click here.

4. NoxPlayer


Developed with a focus on mobile game players, NoxPlayer is considered one of the best and lightest Android emulators in 2018. In addition to being light, practical and simple to install, the emulator has a clean and intuitive interface, and also has one of most powerful graphics engines today.

The control options are many, go through the keyboard and mouse, giving even more practicality for your hours of fun.

You can install apps directly from the Google Play Store and in just a few minutes, you can play your games on your PC!

To download NoxPlayer, click here.

5. Genymotion


Powerful and capable of running several Android games and applications, Genymotion is very light, but has very interesting additional functions, such as recording what is happening on the screen and on your webcam. It is also possible to synchronize your Android by connecting it to the PC and accessing the tool.

Another very creative function aimed at those who want to make things simpler and faster: d to use the tool directly in the cloud with Genymotion Cloud, without the need to download the software on your computer.

Despite being a paid tool, you can do a free trial before deciding to buy it. Works on Windows, Mac and even Linux. It is worth checking!

Click here to download or access Genymotion.

Enable Virtualization

Before choosing the best program for you, it is important to mention that most Android emulators ask for the "Virtualization" function of your PC activated, in order for the program to work correctly.

Although the above software has minimum system requirements, some of the tools require virtualization. You can do this in the following ways:

On Windows:

  • When turning on the computer, press F2 or Delete;
  • At BIOS, access the Settings;
  • Finding the option Virtualization, select Enable.
  • Ready! Just restart to run your Android emulator on the PC without complications.

On Mac:

In OS systems, virtualization depends on an additional tool. One of the best known applications for the task is VirtualBox, which is free and allows users the full potential of virtualization, creating environments for different types of systems, Android being one of them.

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