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Synchronize your Mac with multiple devices and accounts simultaneously with the SyncMate 7 utility

2017. Our devices and online service accounts are already so advanced that they can live by themselves for their entire useful life is quite a difference from as much as ten years ago when an iPhone depended on a computer as a baby a few days old depended of your mother. Still, it's nice to have all of our essential information, data, files and other important elements from each of these places centralized, isn't it?

It is precisely for this task that there is SyncMate, Mac utility from Eltima Software that connects your Ma computer with a series of devices such as other Macs, iOS or Android devices, external drives and cameras and online services, such as Google, Dropbox, iCloud, Outlook or Office 365 accounts (Home or Business) .

Now, with the release of the new version SyncMate 7, new systems are gaining support for the utility: iOS 11, macOS High Sierra 10.13 and Android 8.0 ?Oreo?.

The operation of SyncMate is very simple, with a sidebar displaying all connected devices and accounts. To add a new connection, just click the button "Add New" and choose the desired type Android devices can be synchronized wirelessly through an auxiliary application available on Google Play, while iPhones and iPads must be connected via USB on the Mac. The other accounts must only have their credentials typed in a window in order to connect to the software.

From there, you choose exactly which data and files from each of these places will be synchronized with SyncMate. There are many options, including photos, contacts, SMS, folders, music, calendar items, Safari favorites and more. Everything is centralized on the Mac and just a click away.

If you have a habit of leaving your files and data scattered over a number of different services and devices, SyncMate 7 can be a hand in the wheel. It can be downloaded or purchased on its official website, the free version synchronizes only contacts and calendars (with the option of doing this in the background), while the complete version, called Expert, add all the other options for $ 40. It is worth checking!

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Be quick. Good luck! ?