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Surface Duo may allow you to peek notifications without opening the device

Official confirmation is still required, but the peek at notifications feature on the Surface Duo, at the very least, is curious. Microsoft may have prepared the operating system of its foldable dual-screen smartphone with a feature that allows users to open only one slot to look at notifications or incoming calls, before deciding to fully open the device.

The user WalkingCat shared a small teasing of the functionality on his Facebook account. The animation shows the Surface Duo to be opened, showing only the vertical end of the device, revealing the clock, date and notifications. The system even allows interaction, such as scrolling messages that were left off the screen.

In a second teasing, the smartphone received a call, showing the caller at the end of the screen. The Surface Duo was fully opened and the call was answered as usual. Apparently the small preview of notifications on the edge of the screen may allow you to accept or deny calls, without the need to open the equipment fully.

It should be recalled that Microsoft has been encouraging producers and developers to produce content for smartphone models with dual screens, such as the case of Surface Neo and Surface Duo. Firstly, to ensure that websites and applications work in this new concept of screens, then to explore new practical applications for them.

And to explore the full potential of double and foldable screens the story is already different and Microsoft wants to develop a common model for Windows and Android development platforms and frameworks, with APIs specific to each OS, which can be used by programmers. All maintaining the web standards.

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