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Success among consoles, GRID Autosport game reaches 100 thousand sales on the App Store

Last November, GRID Autosport developed by Codemasters it was launched for iOS after being very well received by other platforms, such as Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Linux and even macOS. Now, Feral Interactive, the seller of the famous racing game, has one more reason to celebrate: the 100 thousand sales on the App Store.

GRID ? Autosport app icon

The game reached that mark in just seven months, a speed as surprising as the sales figures. Among the reasons that led to great adhesion to the game are the exceptional graphics (which run in 1080p at 30fps) and the fact that it does not have internal purchases beyond the amount charged to buy the app, that is.

Feral released a note on its website celebrating the achievement achieved by the application.

We are delighted that many iOS players have taken advantage of the exciting tracks and high-speed emotions of GRID Autosport, giving Codemasters' incredible racing game the impetus to overcome many other milestones to come.

At the same time that the game was released on the App Store, Feral commented that it knew how much players wanted a version of it for tvOS. However, it is not yet known what step this new version is at, or whether they even started to develop the app for Apple's television system.

GRID Autosport is available on the App Store for R $ 32.90. However, due to the requirement of game hardware and software, it is necessary to have at least the following devices: iPhone SE, iPhone 7 or higher; 5th generation iPad or higher and all iPad Pro models. In addition, it is necessary to be running iOS 11 or higher.

via Gamasutra