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Study indicates that iPhone does not calculate a fifth of your daily steps (and much of this is your fault)

If you use iPhone to record all your activities and consult them in the application Sade, you may have already realized that your steps per day never 100% accurate. But, according to one study, this has an explanation beyond simple.

A survey carried out by British Columbia University compared the hit rate of the pedometer incorporated to the iPhone of a real pedometer, which is placed on the waist, performing tests both inside the laboratory (on a treadmill, also doing manual counting) and in day-to-day uses.

The result was that iPhones have an "error" rate in the number of steps taken by the user. 21.5% (about 1,340 steps without being recorded), and the reason for this is very obvious: the user himself.

Rare are the people who actually carry their iPhone up and down, in all the activities they do, without exception. That is to say, many times when we are at home (or in offices), we do not take our devices whenever we go to the bathroom (will it?) Or we get up to drink water and, therefore, there is no activity recorded on the smartphone.

In the tests carried out on a slower walk, the iPhone being used on a day-to-day basis missed 9.4%, while the iPhone in the laboratory missed 7.6%. At a faster walking speed, in both situations the devices registered an error rate of 5%, which is considered acceptable for a pedometer.

Although the iPhone is less than it should be, the researcher Markus Duncan stated that, ?from the point of view of public health, it is better to estimate for less than for more?.

For people who are already monitoring their steps, they can be sure that if their phone says they are reaching the recommended 10,000 steps in a day, they are probably getting at least that much and are working to improve their health.

Incidentally, even if the study did not take this into account, if you use an Apple Watch to measure steps, surely the error percentage will drop a lot, since it is on your wrist and probably only comes out of it when it needs to be carried (at night) ), right?

Anyway, if we take into account the registered number, everything indicates that we are doing better than we think and that is great!

via 9to5Mac