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Snapchat announces major update to its app in search of lost users

If we apply the classic arc of the hero saga of Snapchat, we will now be in the middle of the second act, when our main character, after pujana, is at the lowest point by that of his enemies (in this case, Facebook) and decides to turn it around.

Of course, we do not know what the result of this initiative will be, but the fact that CEO Evan Spiegel announced today to the Axios It is a very complete redesign of the application with the mission of recapturing the lost users for Instagram's attempts.

New Snapchat

The main intention of the changes is to make the difference between Snapchat and its main competitor very clear, separating the part of interaction with friends from that more focused on media consumption, advertisements and content of strangers around the world, that is, basically, almost a lap sources of the application.

The new Snapchat continues to be based on three screens, always starting at the center one (the camera). The difference is that now all content related to your friends (snaps private, stories, messages and everything) are on the left screen, while everything related to media and unknown users are on the right, in a renewal of the tab Discover, which now features a block-based interface combining live streams, shared stories, content from newspapers and magazines, and search.

With the changes, says the CEO, the idea of ??making Snapchat an easier app to use for many users, especially older users, complains about an alleged difficulty in understanding ?the function? of the app in its current state, so reorganization can help to remedy this problem.

The new version will be made available gradually over the next few months, with the first users receiving it later this week. What did you think?

Snapchat app icon

via 9to5Mac