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Siri, iPhones and HomePod are cited in new lawsuits suffered by Apple

Another day, another pile of lawsuits and court decisions arriving at the lawyers' offices in Cupertino. Shall we take a look at them?

Singapore Asahi Chemical & Solder Industries Pte Ltd.

The ridiculously long name above refers to a Singapore company that recently filed a lawsuit against Apple in an Ohio state court. The company accuses Ma of violating its patent, registered in 2001, related to welding technologies and materials. Several products produced by Cupertino, including the last five iPhone models, are cited in the process as evidence.

Described by several vehicles as a Patent troll (that is, a company that lives by registering patents without having any means or intentions of applying them to real products or services, earning money exclusively with lawsuits filed against companies that use similar ideas or techniques), the Singaporean does not specify an amount of damages , requesting only a judgment and appropriate compensation related to lost money.

Apple, as usual, did not comment on the case.


The second case of the day comes from California itself, where a local company called SpeakWare sued Ma also alleging infringement of its patents that, in this case, are related to voice control technologies that Apple would have applied in Crab and in products like iPhone it's the HomePod.

The SpeakWare patent, registered in 2002, refers to a ?wireless, voice-activated transmitter that can be used to add voice controls, without the use of hands, to a series of remotely controlled devices? which, put that way, it seems totally generic and not applicable to a patent registration but, well, whoever has to judge this is not us.

The fact that SpeakWare, like the Singapore company mentioned above, never used this patent (registered last year or last year, but in 2002) in any of its own products or services, which could potentially characterize yet another Patent troll. Incidentally, it is good to note that the company is suing not only Apple, but also Samsung and Microsoft Google and Amazon, interestingly, were left out.

SpeakWare did not estimate the damage amounts it requests in the lawsuit, and the case still needs to be approved to be brought to court. We'll see what comes out of this whole story.

Evolved Wireless

A U.S. federal court decided to partially disagree with a decision issued late last year, when a Delaware judge ruled that Apple (along with other smartphone makers, such as Samsung) could be sued for possible Evolved Wireless patent infringements. , a company that started a lawsuit against the giants back in 2014 alleging the infringement of patents related to LTE radio.

In the most recent development of the case, a federal judge criticized the decision stating that Evolved's patent definitions are ?abstract ideas? and ?inventive concepts?, which would not necessarily give the company ownership over those concepts. It is not known, however, whether this will have an effect on the lawsuit being filed against Apple and company.

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