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Sharecuts is a new website for finding and sharing iOS 12 Shortcuts

Earlier this month, Apple released the second beta of iOS 12 to developers, and with it, Ma launched the app Shortcuts (Shortcuts) that allows users to create shortcuts to perform different actions, from reproducing their playlist It is even favorite to time the time it takes you to brush your teeth.

As it can be complicated to create or find all the shortcuts you need, the developer Guilherme Rambo launched the site Sharecuts, a platform for sharing new shortcuts and suggesting changes that could improve existing ones, as he told the TechCrunch.

I was talking to a colleague (Patrick Balestra) about how cool the shortcuts are, and how much easier it would be for people to share and find new shortcuts. He then mentioned that he wanted to create a website for that he already had the idea of ??the name "Sharecuts" , but as he was on vacation and without a good internet connection, I decided to create the site.

The Sharecuts are in the initial construction phase and, therefore, still have a very simple design. Even so, it is already possible to observe how the site will work, based on the shortcuts created by the users invited to participate in the platform. In addition to bringing the name of the shortcut, as in iOS, in Sharecuts the shortcuts also show what they are for, who created them and how many people interacted with them.

According to Guilherme, only a few people were invited to send shortcuts on Sharecuts while the site was developed to support more users. In addition, the Brazilian said that a selection of shortcuts will be offered by well-known members of the Apple community, who will serve as curators.

The site was created with the programming language Swift and is available on GitHub so that other people can collaborate with its construction. expected that Sharecuts, with the new look made by the designer Raphael Lopes , be officially launched until the launch of iOS 12, in September this year.

If you are experienced the app Shortcuts in the iOS 12 beta and want to contribute to Sharecuts, you need to create a registration on the website and respond to the form. As soon as possible, you will receive an invitation and then just follow the instructions to send your shortcuts.