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Samsung's external SSD brings speeds of up to 1,050MB / s and protects your data with digital!

THE Samsung today announced the launch of its new External SSD T7 Touch which, according to the company, has "the fastest transfer speeds available based on the USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard". Another differential that this SSD the first of the company to bring a built-in touch security system that "locks" your data through the digital reading.


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The T7 Touch was developed for both professional and routine use, with a very simple and "pocket" design. Over speeds, it brings a considerable advance when compared to its predecessor, the T5 SSD – at 1,050MB / s read and 1,000MB / s write . These numbers represent approximately twice the speed of the T5.

The South Koran also makes a comparison with external HDDs and claims that its new product is 9.5 times faster. According to the company, the SSD can reach its maximum speed when used with the NVMe interface.

In addition to speeds, the second highlight of this device, as already mentioned, is the built-in security system. In addition to the fingerprint scanner, it has password protection, hardware encryption 256-bit AES and a "Moving LED". The latter allows the user to know the status of his SSD quickly and simply.

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The T7 Touch is compatible with Android, Mac and Windows and be available with 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. It accompanied by two USB cables – one type C-to-C and another C-to-A – and can be purchased in black or silver.

According to the company, it will reach the world market this month and can be found in 30 countries. The suggested prices are: $ 130 for the 500GB variant, $ 230 for 1TB and $ 330 for 2TB.


The device arrives with a much more modern design and will be available from February

A version without the touch system called only T7 is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2020.

Source: Samsung Newsroom. [TagsToTranslate] ces 2020