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Samsung reveals that the Galaxy S20 line has a special security chip

Samsung reveals that the Galaxy S20 line has a special security chip

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 line on February 11, but during the launch event, the company left out a feature that comes embedded in all three models. Fortunately, we now know what it is about.

In an official statement, the South Korean giant said its new top-of-the-line smartphones carry a special security chip called "Secure Element". According to Samsung, this security solution is a mixture of hardware (S3K250AF chip) and optimized software, which can be used on mobile devices with CC EAL (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level) certification.

The company says the chip is a "tamper-resistant safe that stores users' confidential data, such as PINs, passwords and cryptocurrency credentials", making it unnecessary to save sensitive data to the smartphone's own internal storage.

Secure Element delivers an extra layer of protection for the Galaxy S20 line

This component also has extra countermeasures to defend against hacker attacks, such as those that use reverse engineering and power failures, for example, making it very difficult to access or copy confidential user data.

The "Secure Element" has already started mass production, until then being exclusive to the Galaxy S20 line. However, it is expected to appear on more smartphones from Samsung or even from other manufacturers.

If we think about it, the South Korean giant?s security solution is similar to Google?s Titan-M chip, which was inserted into the Pixel 3 and 4 line. So it?s pretty clear that these companies are concerned about the safety of their customers, offering extra measures to prevent data from being accessed by malicious people.


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