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Rumor: new iPad Pro will be smaller and abandon the headphone outlet

We are getting closer to the time of year when Apple brings us an avalanche of launches: new iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and some Macs too. As a result, the rumors become increasingly intense and, usually, accurate.

Today's information, many of them repetitive, actually came from the Japanese blog Macotakara.

iPads Pro

iPad Pro with Face ID

Let's go in topics, to facilitate:

  • Dimensions: contrary to what has been speculated recently, they say that the new iPad Pro will decrease in size instead of maintaining more or less the current dimensions, only with bigger screens going from end to end. The new 10.5 ? model would have 247.5 × 178.7x6mm (against 250.6 × 174.1 × 6.1mm from the current one) and the 12.9 ? model would have 280x215x6.4mm (against 305.7 × 220 , 6 × 6.9mm from the current).
  • audio: it would have two microphones located at its top, for a narrow pickup, and it would lose just like the recent iPhones the 3.5mm headphone jack. Oh, well
  • Face ID: As expected, Japanese website sources confirm the presence of Face ID but say it can only be unlocked with the iPad vertically. It is something I highly doubt; on iPhone X this is a bit of a hassle, and we see that most of the time we use the iPhone vertically. But on an iPad this would be terrible, I use my own a lot more horizontally than vertically.
  • Smart Connector: another weird information they say that the connector goes from the side of the iPad to the bottom, next to the Lightning port. This could indicate that the iPad would be used vertically with its keyboard cover, another thing that makes little sense to me. I even think it is possible for the Smart Connector to change position, but maybe the new Smart Keyboard will come with only a new design that makes it possible, and it is still used with the iPad horizontally.

6.1 ? iPhone

In the same report on iPad Pro, the Japanese also took the opportunity to bring some extra details about the expected new 6.1 ? iPhone.

Alleged line of iPhones for 2018Alleged line of iPhones for 2018

According to them, this more accessible device will have an LCD screen "Full Active", allowing a design with the screen going very close to the edges of the device, and using a touch sensor "Japan Pixel Eyes" from Japan Display.

The bad news that producing this is not at all easy, so they think that this specific model could only reach stores in November is a forecast in addition to that of analyst Katy L. Huberty, of Morgan Stanley, who a few days ago had cited similar difficulties and foreseen availability for October.

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O Macotakara He has proven himself multiple times to have hot sources in Apple's production chains, but he has also missed some of them. As always, until any officialization on the part of Ma, this is all a rumor.

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