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REVIEW: Huawei Watch GT 2, the smartwatch that will make you rethink your routine

The successor to the Huawei Watch GT launched with great proposals for design customization and training routines, with Bluetooth connection and even an integrated speaker.

O Huawei Watch GT 2 recently arrived in Brazil with the FreeBuds 3, the ?true wireless? headphones. With a new high quality standard, the smartwatch manages to balance the sporting and technological profiles, without leaving style aside. He manages to be a smart watch It is also a way to encourage you to practice physical activities. With so many functions, adjustments and screenings, even the most sedentary will feel intimidated to get off the couch.

Is it worth investing in this novelty, thinking that the first GT was launched recently here? And, more importantly: how does it stand out from the competition? that we will present in full in this review.

Aesthetics and durability

GT 2 46 mm and 42 mm46 mm and 42 mm versions of GT 2. (Release; edited)

There are two screen sizes: 46mm and 42mm. We tested the first one, which differs not only in diameter, but also in finishing with 0-24 hour marker. THE AMOLED screen 1.39 ? breathtaking. If you are used to using some other smart sports watch, however much it is from another manufacturer, we guarantee that the screen quality of the GT 2 will impress you. Even against the sun, the display is effortlessly visible.

As a whole, Huawei's watch is much lighter than it looks: without the bracelet, the 46 mm model weighs 41 g and the 42 mm version, 29 g. The proportions are ideal for exercising and routine use, without disturbing. In Brazil, we only had the version Sport (black or orange fluorelastomer bracelet), while in gringo lands there is a leather and metal version.

GT2 watch braceletDetail of the bracelet and refined finish of the GT 2.

The extremely comfortable bracelet and the adjustments with rounded edges do not pinch the skin in any way, which helps a lot in the task of not disturbing you when taking you to bed. We will discuss this in detail when talking about the use of GT 2 in the routine. The bracelet can also be changed very easily: just a small lock on each side.

The display ?3D glass?, According to the manufacturer, and was?sculpted by gemstone processing technology makes it durable and resistant to water and dust?. Speaking of water resistance, it survives even 50 meters below the surface. In the own training available on the Huawei watch, we see the option of swimming, so no surprise the high quality of the materials.

GT 2 removable braceletThe small metallic detail of the bracelet is a very simple lock. Thus, it is possible to change it without headache, nor fear for the instability of the parts.

Four of the factory dials are open to personalization (via watch), so you have to change the tracker thumbnails if you want to quickly view ?steps taken? instead of ?heartbeat?, for example. The included dials are fine refined, adapting well to your tastes and profiles, being a good marriage elegance of the product as a whole.

When talking about ?durability?, another interesting point is the battery life, which is certainly a key point for those looking for a smartwatch, and that we will highlight below. Spoiler: she is also out of the ordinary.


One of the watch's biggest highlights (and what impressed me the most) was the battery life. After recharging it completely, I used the GT 2 for about 6 hours with Bluetooth on, checking the times and functions occasionally, and she still remained at 100%. The next morning, I checked and had only drained 2%, as shown in the image below.

GT 2 huawei batteryAfter 15 hours of occasional use, only 2% of the battery has been used up.

In the specification area of ??their website, the official 455 mAh battery "14 days for common use?, But we affirm that it can last much longer. In our tests, the battery ran out only once. In conventional routine use, the watch spent 40% in about 10 days.

With GPS and Bluetooth on, connecting the Huawei device to the smartphone, the battery drained a little faster: 5 full days (120 hours), with the screen on all the time and active BPM / steps / stress meters. An evolution from the previous model is the ?always on display? function, as the screen can be activated to stay on for up to 20 consecutive minutes. Another option to activate a preset lock screen, with limited dials, so it may be that your screen lock is different from the design you like most, quite obviously.

With the USB connection (type A – type C) of the notebook, it recharged 3% per minute. That is, the battery reaches 100% in half an hour. This is great in case you connect it at the last minute and can use it for several days without worry. The magnetic charging base fits the base of the watch at a very specific angle (but just take the way that there are no problems), connecting to the device /powerbank wanted.

Application and connectivity

huawei health app printsThe connection of the GT 2 to Huawei Health gives you more training options and helps you keep up to date on your status. (Disclosure; edited)

When turning the watch on for the first time, it already appeared as a Bluetooth device in the cell phone, without further complications. To pair and function properly, it was necessary to download the app Huawei Health, companion who is available for Android and iOS (we tested on the first operating system).

After opening Health, there was an instruction to download more app called Huawei Mobile Service (yes, with grammatical translation error). The login was easy, via cell phone number for verification, and your HUAWEI ID generated according to your email of choice and link with Facebook or Gmail.

The whole procedure is very useful to help you stay on top of your status and improve your workouts, even if you change devices whether it is a smartphone or smartwatch. Even if, in particular, you have not tested it, their SAC tab states that the app also works dealing with ?data from smartphones and third-party wearables?, Not only Huawei exclusives. Because the interface is quite user-friendly, the recommendation is for you who already have a smartwatch.

GT 2 huawei notificationsNotifications only serve to check and dismiss all of them afterwards. (Disclosure; edited)

Talking about the watch-cell relationship, everything is done automatically (both are updated when the smartphone's Bluetooth is turned on). Even when showing emojis, when opening the notifications screen of GT 2 you will see even those that you have already dispensed from your cell phone. It is possible to clean and delete all of them simultaneously in the clock, without being able to interact with each one of them (only reading).

By changing a display via the app, which has a much larger library than the factory ones, you can choose your favorites and they will be downloaded directly on GT 2. If you change the pattern via Health, the watch pattern changes instantly.

However, in the relationship between dials between the app and the smartwatch itself, there is a slight contrast. The GT 2 was very selective when translating the device's dials, as it chose ?velocimeter? and ignored the translation of ?explorer?. On other occasions, the literal translation in the application can also be quite funny in some instances. For example: in the step counting area, there is the meter ?61 steps?(From the original?steps?), Which in English also means steps but chose the wrong translation.

Functions worthy of a smart watch

The smartwatch has two physical buttons. When pressing the button higher, there are a number of functions part of the training standards that (amazingly!) bring the GT 2 closer to a digital watch. These are the things you want most, like stopwatch, timer and alarm, and some more differentiated, such as barometer, compass and even flashlight. In this last application, the screen is all white and illuminates very little, even with readjustment of brightness and we can admit that it ends up being quite useless.

The lower button, in turn, can be programmed to serve as shortcut to one of the internal apps. In the routine, I alternated between relaxation and sleep monitoring and I didn?t regret it. Most functions are merely curious to the watch user who is used to tracking everything by cell phone, being a full plate only for those who miss a wearable of respect when taking walks. Or those whose profession will stay connected in the current atmospheric pressure.

Day-to-day use

At home, the scenario is more ?extreme?I tested was to connect the Huawei device to the smartphone, playing Spotify songs via speaker. The play / pause and forward / rewind music command worked without fail, which was very practical when I was in the same room as speaker and didn?t want to pick up the phone. It works in a situation where you are in the swimming pool with clock, listening to music with a Bluetooth speaker on the edge (you can control the music without leaving the water).

The humorous ?Find cell phone? mode. Upon activating, you hear a beep (bell) followed by a female voice calling ?I?m here!? (?I'm here?), right on the smartphone. With those who usually lose their cell phone at home, it can be a useful feature.

I admit a surprise when looking for the types of training available: I was surprised by a speaker integrated. He even plays music from the GT 2 itself, it's just not worth thinking that the quality and experience will be excellent (at least, without headphones).

GT 2 integrated speakerDiscreet speaker of the GT 2: a sound that impresses and provides good use in private training.

H 2.2 Gb of internal space, which becomes useful when pairing it with a Bluetooth headset to listen to music, without needing a cell phone. The internal player works reasonably well, with delay between play / pause notable, but not to the point of bothering. To give you an idea, 2 Gb is equivalent to about 500 songs (128 Kbps) in the standard 3-5 minute metrics that can keep you entertained for more than 30 hours.

Bluetooth can find any speaker (found on my smart TV!), Which doesn?t restrict you to just earbuds, even though the Chinese manufacturer obviously recommends FreeBuds 3, a ?home made? product.

Another highlight that deserves mentioning is the possibility of receive and make calls straight from the clock, thanks to speaker integrated microphone. In the app, you add a contact to your phonebook and it goes straight to the GT 2, which is great, since synchronizing with the complete phonebook of the cell phone may not be so pleasant.

GT2 comparisonComparison between ?complete? application of activity log (left) and its shortcut (right)

After getting used to the ?stay tuned? routine in my activities, I started to notice a simple navigation restriction. The interface is still excellent, but a simple shortcut could be improved.

On all main screens (only with touch, without activating the upper button sub-menus) you can't give a swipe bottom to top, in order to check additional information for each screen. For example: on the ?activity record?, It shows a minimalist version of the activity log real. In the "complete" version, accessed with the side button, there are how to check lost calories, distance covered, average of steps taken, hours / minutes of activity with weekly average.

The shortcut really is a quick way to check their status. Therefore, you need to press the upper button, scroll down the list of items to the ?activity log? and select it to open the same window, with the only difference from (now) you can check all infos. She is almost identical. It was hard to do a simple swipe, Huawei?

Use for physical activities

Customizing workouts is certainly the biggest highlight when dealing with the sporting functions of GT 2. In each preset, which we show in the gif below, you can click on the side gear and set up a goal (distance, time or calories burned) and sticky notes (distance / time interval), as well as a ?training effects? function whose icon is a flexed biceps, which already gives a good clue of the level of effort it needs, when activated.

Reminders are nothing short of audible warnings occasional, with a male voice (in English) a little robotic but nothing compared to today's virtual assistants. Depending on what you activate in the settings, it will give warnings about the distance and heart rate in a very specific way. If the training is focused on a certain goal, it will tell you ?your rate is below average, get on the pace? or something like that, being somewhat motivating.

Selecting the training itself with a touch on the name / icon, you must press the lower button to start it. The mechanical touch gives an interesting feedback to the touch proposal, as this way you are unable to start a training ?unintentionally?, especially if you leave the screen on.

Huawei GT 2 activity trainingThe different training screens can give instant feedback from the integrated trackers of the GT 2. (Disclosure)

In the training application itself, there are a number of screens. In the case of a walking, it shows heart rate, elapsed time, the ?training effects? mentioned above (aerobic training, as a reference to your previous training), step, cadence, among others. You you can see the time on all screens, which is very well thought out on the design side.

At the end of the training, there is complete information: date / time, distance, duration, calories burned, average speed and pace, steps taken, cadence of steps, heart rate and a few others. On the smartphone, you can see the race status, showing the map route, which is very nice (and instagramvel!), as well as dozens of crawlers that may be of interest to you in the long run.

There was only one problem: in three of the five tests training, when sliding and checking extra information during the activity, the screen crashed halfway between the swipes (with numbers cut at the top and bottom of the display). Even blocking the screen, pausing and proceeding with training, the error insisted on continuing. The solution was to end training, with no other navigation problems happening in the main menu, and to restart it.

Evolution of the Huawei Watch GT?

Huawei Watch GT close-upFirst edition of the Huawei Watch GT. Is it worth the exchange for the new model?

The previous version, released internationally in late 2018, took a long time to reach Brazilian lands. Fortunately, his successor arrived just a few months after he went to the foreign markets. However, the question is worth: is it worth making the switch? Below, we list the differences between the two versions.

Evolution of GT 2:

  • You can answer and make calls;
  • You can control the volume of the songs with your own player;
  • Speaker integrated;
  • There is the function ?always on display?, Being able to keep the screen on for up to 20 minutes;
  • Greater internal memory (more than 2 Gb of music);
  • Bluetooth 5.1 (headphone connection);
  • New training, leisure and customization functions;
  • More unified design between canvas and coating;

More of the same:

  • Battery can still quietly last for four weeks, if you take into account the moderate use and regulated activation of the trackers;
  • Same type of changeable bracelet;
  • Connection with Huawei Health app, on the smartphone;
  • Internal applications and trackers work in virtually the same way;
  • GPS works reasonably in different conditions;
  • Navigation by physical buttons and touch is very similar;

Absences (yet):

  • You cannot control the volume of the cell phone;
  • No third party apps run, only internal ones;
  • There is no payment via NFC;


The Huawei Watch GT 2 works as an excellent gateway to the world of wearables, whether you are a lover of Sunday walks or a lover of your warm bed, which is always good whenever possible. The various internal functions and connections with your smartphone make it a perfect partner for day-to-day life, controlling music and showing you notifications of new messages.

GT 2 watch detailA modest evolution of the previous model, the Huawei Watch GT 2 helps you both in burning calories and in a sedentary routine.

However, if you already have the first GT or a smartwatch that has similar functions, I am sorry to inform you that it is not worth the exchange. Today, the first GT is still 40% cheaper (and can be found at half the price of the successor). The competitor Samsung, for example, has a smartwatch for the same audience profile, with the same screen size (46mm) and better integration with Android and third party applications for a similar price.

So, unless you really are going to use the integrated speaker and the practical functions that we mentioned throughout this review, if you already have a smart watch I think the exchange is not necessary. But if this is your first contact with this world smart, it manages to be a full plate.

You can find the Huawei Watch GT 2 at official dealers on the models of Lux (1.39 ? screen) by R $ 1,699 and sporty (1.2 ?screen) by R $ 1,499.